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You’ve landed here
because you’re curious about finding your WHY.

We’ve got you covered with the Personal WHY
1-on-1 Discovery.

We all know what we do, and how we do it, but very few of us actually know WHY we do it. Think of the WHY as a compass—it provides us with direction and focus so that we can live our lives with purpose, on purpose.

Simon wrote the book on it, and worked with the team to develop the process to help you find your WHY. While we offer live WHY classes led by Simon’s master trainers in a group setting, the Personal WHY 1-on-1 Discovery is an individual focused session with one of Simon’s Master Trainers to get you to a first draft of your WHY in a single session. 

You’ll also get some tools to think more clearly about your HOWs and WHATs in relation to your WHY in your work, life, and relationships.

Our goal is to create a safe and trusting space to help guide you through the process of discovering your WHY.

How It Works

1. Choose your master trainer
2. Schedule your session
3. Meet on Zoom
4. Receive a personalized WHY document

It takes a willingness to be open, to share personal stories, and to trust the process. Vegas rules apply: what happens in your session, stays in your session.


Meet Simon's Master Trainers

Jerry ThompSon III

Team Simon


Great! Thanks for asking. How about yours?

All of Simon’s Master Trainers are experienced and excellent WHY partners, so you really can’t go wrong! But a member of our team is more than happy to talk with you if you have specific questions. Contact us here.

The date you select should be your ideal pick. Of course our trainers’ calendars may not always perfectly align with yours, but we make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

We know that life happens, and we want to help you on your WHY journey. If needed, we allow you a one-time reschedule so you can still make your session.

And we have more answers! Our team is happy to help—just reach out to us here.

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Curiosity is essential
                   for progress.

We fully agree, so we like to reward curiosity.
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A spark is something quite small and, by itself, not very powerful. But a spark has the ability to ignite. An idea is like a spark; alone it is just a set of words, but it too can ignite. A great idea can inspire others to dream bigger. Let us all work together to ignite something greater than ourselves.

Let us all be a Spark of Optimism.