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Some of the most successful people in the world all have a secret power—the ability to partner. In Partnering, Oelwang illuminates the core thread that weaves through sixty extraordinary partnerships and collaborations. Remarkably, these six elegant principles are common to meaningful partnerships of all types: platonic, family, business, and romantic. They are also at the center of most great human collaborations.

In this book you’ll find daily rituals for staying connected, practical tools for disagreeing respectfully, virtues that deepen your relationship, and a blueprint for expanding small partnerships into large-scale collaborations.

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If more of us can learn to partner like the people in this book, then we become better equipped to advance big things and enjoy the deep safety and confidence that comes from knowing that there is someone by our side that will never, ever leave.

About Jean

Jean Oelwang is the CEO of Virgin Unite, the entrepreneurial foundation of the Virgin Group. In 2003, Jean left her post as joint CEO of Virgin Mobile Australia to begin working with Richard Branson and the Virgin staff from around the world to create Virgin Unite. Over the last 12 years, Jean has worked with partners to create new approaches to social and environmental issues, such as the Branson Centres of Entrepreneurship and a global platform to support budding entrepreneurs. She has helped incubate a number of global leadership initiatives such as The Elders, the Carbon War Room, and The B Team. In addition, Jean has been instrumental in working with Virgin’s businesses and others worldwide to drive positive change.

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A spark is something quite small and, by itself, not very powerful. But a spark has the ability to ignite. An idea is like a spark; alone it is just a set of words, but it too can ignite. A great idea can inspire others to dream bigger. Let us all work together to ignite something greater than ourselves.

Let us all be a Spark of Optimism.