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Trust First

Of course, trust alone can’t overcome a broken system that perpetuates inequality. Presenting an unvarnished window into the lives of ex-cons, drug addicts, human trafficking survivors, and displaced souls who have come through City of Refuge, Trust First examines the context in which Bruce’s Atlanta neighborhood went downhill. While most social services focus on one pain point and leave the burden on the poor to find the crosstown bus that’ll serve their other needs, Bruce argues that bringing someone out of homelessness requires treating all of their needs simultaneously.

More than a narrative about a single place in time, this radical primer for behavioral change belongs on every leader’s shelf. Heartfelt, deeply personal, and inspiring, Trust First will break down your assumptions about whether anyone is ever truly a lost cause. Bruce will donate a portion of his proceeds from Trust First to the charitable organization City of Refuge.

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Too many of us treat trust like a valuable asset that must be guarded. Bruce shatters that assumption. If we can all learn to take the risk to trust first, it will give those around us permission to believe in themselves and their abilities in the most remarkable way.

About Bruce

As the founder and CEO of City of Refuge, Bruce Deel is bold, relentless, and unyielding in the fight against poverty and the consequences it has in Atlanta, GA. He founded the organization in 1997 with a mission to help the broken, assist the at-risk, and prevent future crises. They have helped over 20,000 people in the past 18 years, bringing light, hope, and transformation to Atlanta and other cities. Bruce brings a sincere level of passion and integrity for creating leaders within the community to continue the mission.

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