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How to Make a Plant Love You

Everyone deserves to feel the inner peace that comes from taking care of greenery. Beyond the obvious benefits—beauty and cleaner air—there’s a strong psychological benefit to nurturing plants. They can reduce our stress level, lower our blood pressure, and improve our overall outlook. And they offer a rare opportunity to find joy by caring for another living being.

This is Summer’s guidebook for cultivating an entirely new relationship with your plant children. When we become plant parents, we also become better caretakers for ourselves, the people around us, and our planet. So, let’s step inside the world of plants and discover how we can begin cultivating our own personal green space—in our homes, minds, and hearts.

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At its core, How to Make a Plant Love You is a metaphor for how we view, and often treat, people. It is a direct but gentle reminder to consider how much the environment around us matters.

About Summer

Summer Rayne Oakes is an environmental scientist and an entrepreneur whose work focuses on health, wellness, and sustainability. She keeps over 1,000 live houseplants spanning over 500 species in her Brooklyn apartment.

In her book, How to Make a Plant Love You, Summer Rayne takes us on a journey to show us how the environment significantly impacts the life and lives around us.

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